The paintings are an original handmade contemporary fine art figurative surrealism. The artworks have a surface rich of colors and acrylic impasto elements carved symbols and words into the layers of realistic and surreal artistic implementation.                            


The structure, the shape and the composition of the paintings are reflection of my philosophy, aesthetic artistic style and feelings.  

My inspiration for the works is the beauty of the bodies and the psychological tension of the inner world of the figures I created in the surreal space. The impression of the condition, I have achieved by the positioning of the figures and the mood of the abstract environment in which it is located.

        FIGURATIVE SURREALISM                                    

Drifted Away
We Are Planets
We Are Planets
Behind Blue Eyes
Prisoner Of Dreams
That Crazy Shine
Angel and Butterfly
Flying Again
The Logic of Sensation
Shape Of That Feelings
Strings Of Time
Thoughts of Wonder
Sundown Corner
Moon and Butterfly
July Corner
Careless  Whisper
Chopin Complete Nokturne
Fulfillment 2
Fulfillment 3
In Search Of a Face I Can Never Find
Without Gravity